Prayer requests for March/April 2018

  • Sun and rest. Winter is technically done, but the days are still cold, and the mornings dark. Getting up in a cold room is rough- prayers for good sleep, and more sun.
  • Summer plans. I’ve got a few options rolling around, and would love wisdom/discernment as I keep exploring them.
  • Good vision. As in, that the Lord would direct my dreams for the future, even as I learn to enjoy the present. Next summer is coming quick, an graduation with it.

And a thanksgiving! The Bible study with my church up here has been better than fantastic. A great time growing together with new friends. Thanks for praying!

Prayer requests for January 2018

  • Thanksgiving! For sufficient financial support for the year, for the resolution of some housing confusion, for a good semester down, and for good community in Ambridge!
  • Leading a local Bible Study. Thrilled to be back in the saddle, but only more aware of my dependence on the Spirit.
  • Summer plans. I have some ideas, and am pursuing them, but would love for more direction.
  • Personal devotion. Stepping back into an overloaded semester, I’d be grateful for prayers for focus and regular devotions, especially in the morning.

Prayer requests for September 2017

  • Thanksgiving for sweet goodbyes, safe travels, and new excitement.
  • Classes are about to begin, and Hebrew strikes particular fear into my heart. Prayers for good learning, and focus.
  • For the house, friendship with new roommates, and new neighbors.
  • For a local church to join. (and for discernment- how involved should I be?)
  • For discernment as to where the Lord is calling me to be connected in community.

Prayer requests for July 2017

  • For peace in packing and planning for Ambridge.
  • For leaving well, healthy grieving and yet staying focussed here (until I leave).
  • For provision/support raising (definitely an exercise in humility, and in trust).